Flying, Bad cooking, Squidgy Jellybabies & the Road to Adoption….

High…and then….low

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So…we were officially going to parents. Like I said once you are at panel its pretty much a given but it was still a nerve wracking experience. The next day I was back at work…and TT was coming with me. Buenos Aires, of our favourite cities. TT still says that was the best week of his life. We got approved as parents, we returned to Buenos Aires and City won the Premiership. I say two out of three ain’t bad. No prizes for guessing which two. We had a great trip..I was working in Business class so TT was waited on hand and foot by his wife. Nothing new there then. It was only on our return that things went hideously wrong. The following Friday we were flooded. Oh and let me tell you now, it wasn’t a leaky tap or a burst pipe. Oh no. I can better that. Britain had the largest amount of rainfall in the space of 4 hours for god knows how many years, the banks of the river in our village flooded and we ended up knee deep in slime, water, dirt and god knows what else. We had to move out of the housed as the house was deemed uninhabitable and contaminated. We would be out for at least 6 months. The poor bloke from the loss adjusters from the insurance must have thought he had been faced with a screaming demented banshee. “We’re in the middle of adoption! We can’t move out! They won’t let us adopt if we don’t have a home!” I started crying uncontrollably…TT tried to put his arm round me but I pushed him away. I didn’t sleep a wink and was absolutely dreading picking up the phone to Social Services on the Monday. So near and yet so bloody far….

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